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How our new buying badges work!

Here’s what our badges signify:
Popular Product: This badge indicates our most popular products.
Price Beat Promise: Products with this badge guarantee the best price, beating any competitor.
Value: Look for this badge to find items offering the best value for money.
Next-Day Delivery: Choose products with this badge for next-day delivery options.
Market Leading: This badge highlights items that lead in their market category.
Free Delivery: Products with this badge come with no delivery charge.
Top-Brand: Our best performing brands.
Price-Drop: We are cutting the nonsense and providing real, money saving deals. Once a price  drop badge appears, we have cut the price for at least 3 days.
The more badges a product has, the better the deal.
Good Pick: If you see this badge, the product has a combination of free delivery, , price beat promise, popularity, and 5-star service.
Top Pick: This badge signifies the ultimate deal, combining ALL badges.



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